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George Steuart Health has donated a canopy to the Cardiology Unit of the National Hospital under the ‘Steuart Senehasa’ project, they said in a statement today (05).

The official handover of the constructed canopy took place today.

At the event, Managing Director of George Steuart Health Eran Ranasinghe stated, “This is a social service to the patients who seek urgent medical support from the Cardiology Unit of the National Hospital. We found that this was an urgent requirement to benefit the people and we have taken it upon us to provide them with this to ease their difficulties upon visiting the hospital,”

A representative of the National Hospital further stated, “For thirty years, all those who have visited the Cardiology Unit have been sitting under the sun and the rain with no shade. This canopy will help our patients a lot when they visit the hospital. Therefore we thank George Steuart Health for this generous contribution,”