The Consumer health division of G.S health markets exceptional, handpicked OTC (Over the Counter) products to the public. Our products range from skin care to home care, personal hygiene and neutraceuticals. Our consumer brands standby to provide our consumers inimitable self-care solutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Gaia Lite
  • pH Care
  • Vidasan Oil
  • Enervon HP
  • Enervon C
  • Mino

As the pioneers in Sports related medication in Sri Lanka, we undertake in providing a diverse range of optimum sports related pharmaceutical solutions to athletes at all skill levels. We acquire an array of sports gear of the highest quality sourced from prominent manufacturers worldwide.

  • Mueller Coollant Spray
  • Hot/Cold Pack
  • Kinesiology Tape
  • Braces
  • Ice Pack
  • EAB Tape

Being the core business of the association, pharmaceuticals are considered the pillar of the organization since its beginning. Currently promoting more than 450 SKUs whilst incorporating some driving brands in the Island, pharmaceuticals is our most quickly growing segment with presence in cardiology, diabetic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, anti-infective and oncology, along with having successfully introduced the first biosimilar in Sri Lanka.

  • Maxmol
  • Nicardia Retard
  • Dicloran
  • Remsima
  • Losatrust
  • Algitab

We at GSH take pride in our ample range of point of care testing solutions that has helped improve healthcare value. Our Esteemed accomplishment in eradicating and managing dengue virus in the island through our diagnostic solutions is a result of our passion to help accomplish better medicinal execution in the country. We are primed with our diagnostic solutions to help laboratories and medical institutions deliver better results and patient outcomes.

  • SD Ns1 Dengue Kits
  • SD Troponin I
  • Major II Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • SD One Step Syphilis Anti TP Test
  • Dengue Ag/Ab Test Kit
  • SD HIV/Syphilis Duo

We assure a variety of cutting edge instruments and disposables in our surgical basket, implicated under a diversion of segments such as General Surgery, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatric, and Blood transfusion are some distinctions among many.

  • Blugel
  • Arteriofix
  • Pahamesh
  • Coroflex Please

This division is our most recent endeavor which focuses on medical imaging, physiotherapy and rehabilitation technology. As we have affiliated together with a manifold of well reputed manufacturers worldwide we are able to acquire the most recent advancements in the field.

  • BTL 4000 - Ultrasound
  • BTL Shockwave
  • Infrared Spots TGS

With a range of OTC and surgical products, we are committed to provide only the latest technology to our dentists. The oral care division includes supplies such as instruments, dental filling material, implants and more.

The ophthalmic division focuses on customer satisfaction. We provide state of the art Intra Ocular Lenses, primarily to the state sector.

  • Hexidene
  • Kid Bunny
  • X Tar
  • Thermoseal
  • Mucopain

Thanks to the safe scientific methodologies that we have adopted in skin care, we are able to provide a guaranteed security and viability on our restorative line. We have obtained dermocosmetic solutions for many common skin issues. We advise the use of all our skincare products on doctor’s recommendation only.

  • Biobalance
  • Episiva
  • Acnevit
  • Adclear
  • Cosmelite
  • Futop


  1. GS & Co. Founded by James Steuart

  2. Launch of the Veterinary Diagnostic Range

  3. Launch of Chest Drainage Systems for the first time in Sri Lanka

  4. Drug of Abuse/Alcohol Abuse rapid test launched

  5. Veterinary Hormone Analyser launched

  6. Launch of HIV antigen/antibody test kits for the first time in Sri Lanka

  7. GS & Co. Incorporated

  8. GS Agencies Incorporated

  9. Commences Importation, Marketing & Distribution of Diagnostics, OTC Products & Pharmaceuticals

  10. 1991 Establishment of Retail Operations

  11. Ventured into Dental Segment

  12. Eye Care Division Established

  13. Ventured into Interventional Cardiology Business in Partnership with B Braun

    Dermatology Division Established

  14. Diagnostic Division Established

  15. Ventured into Surgical and Consumables Business

    Ventured into Rapid Diagnostics

  16. Oncology Division Established

  17. Relaunched as George Steuart Health (Pvt) Ltd

    Ventured into Sports Medicine

  18. B Braun 3PL established for Dialysis, CT & Hospital Care

    GS Consumer Health Division Estbalished

  19. Expansion of Dental Division

  20. Medical Equipment Division Established

  21. Medical Equipment Division Established

  22. Commenced research project with the Faculty of Peradeniya to develop a country specific Anti Snake Venom Serum

  23. Ventured into Anti Retrovirals – Launch of Sofosbuvir for the first time in Sri Lanka

  24. Launch of Coroflex ISAR – the first polymer-free coronary drug eluting stent in Sri Lanka.

  25. Launch of 3D Extremity Scanning System for the first time in Sri Lanka

  26. Introduction of Cilacar (Cilnidipine) – the first 4th Generation Calcium Channel Blocker in Sri Lanka

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