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healthy and smiling Sri Lanka

Successfully delivered globally acceptable health care solutions to every Sri Lankan.

Registration and compliance with the guidelines of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) is the core requirement of pharma business in Sri Lanka.

We possess an expert team of qualified pharmacists under the supervision of a highly experienced regulatory consultant. Having satisfied the prerequisites for pharma business in Sri Lanka, our regulatory team focuses on dossier preparation on behalf of our principals, guiding and assisting them to ease the tedious registration process.

The team liaises with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority to obtain timely regulatory approvals to ensure uninterrupted supply and availability of goods. They work meticulously in order to ensure our specialized products are made available to patients at the shortest timeframe.

Pharmacovigilance: A dedicated section is set up to assume the responsibilities of pharmacovigilance as required by our principals from across the globe. Operating under EU guidelines, this division works in unison with the regulatory team to ensure compliance.