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L-R : A.D.Y.K Athauda (Scientific officer NDCCB), K.M Muthumala (Scientific officer NDCCB), D.P.P Weerasinghe (Assistant director,scientific research NDCCB), Bhadrani Senanayake (Director General - Cover up NDCCB), Dr. Laknath Welagedara (chairman NDCCB), Eran Ranasinghe (Executive Director GSH), Priyankara Attygalle (Manager GSH), Dinesh Perera (Territory Manager GSH)



In an effort to assist the ‘Prevention Programme on Drugs of Abuse and Mobile Drug Screening', GS Health yesterday donated drug screening test kits to the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDCCB).


The test kits will be utilized by the National Narcotics Laboratory, to identify metabolites of drugs frequently abused by drug dependent persons.