Established in 2015, the SLCMDI was formed with the intention of representing the fast-growing innovative industry of medical devices and equipment, and addressing industry issues. The Chamber seeks to promote medical devices of the highest quality, cooperate with all stakeholders connected with the healthcare industry, enhance and foster relationships among members, set ethical guidelines for the promotion and sales of medical devices, encourage local production of devices, and act as a mediator between the industry and government officials in the implementation of regulations regarding medical devices and cosmetics. 

With a growing number of medical device importers in the country, the SLCMDI membership is constantly on the rise as they progress in their quest to create lasting solutions for the medical devices industry in a regulated, equal opportunity and ethical environment in line with the Chamber’s vision and mission. 

While thanking the council members of the SLCMDI for their contribution towards the industry, President Erandajith Ranasinghe commented, “Last year was a dynamic year for the Chamber. We were successful in finalising the medical devices classification system, which simplifies medical devices registration to a great extent. The introduction of the e-NMRA, once it is fully functional, will further streamline the registration process. However, the implementation of dedicated SPC tender guidelines for medical devices has been far more limited despite numerous discussions with the Ministry of Health and the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Nonetheless, the effective implementation of medical devices regulations will remain a focus in 2020.”

Sharing his thoughts at the event, Prof. Harendra De Silva highlighted the importance of good governance in any industry. He added, “Basically, everyone has to be transparent in their actions and be accountable to any lapses, with the rule of law effective at every level. Similarly, it is then the responsibility of the government to educate and provide the provisions for the industry, in addition to monitoring and enforcing the law of the land.” 

As the Chamber heads into 2020, a strong sense of optimism will be carried forward amid industry challenges. Believing that the future holds a bright potential, the SLCMDI will continue to strive to uphold its commitment to deliver the best healthcare services to all Sri Lankans.